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New product category: Meraki PDU

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New product category: Meraki PDU

I want to have a Meraki PDU that integrates with combined networks or as standalone network. It needs to do a few things:


1. Monitor usage and devices and log for 30 days. 

2. Monitor at least two connections (via wired ethernet) and power cycle ports on loss. 

3. Optional - Have ports for temperature probes with alerting / actions based on those too.

4. Optional 2 - Have out-of-band port for cellular (like on MX devices)


While there are a lot of products that do this, none have the Meraki Dashboard. I'd pay $100 - 200 for 2 power ports and two ethernet ports and would pay $25/50 a year in licensing. I would absolutely buy one for every network I deploy that is not in driving distance.


This could also be VERY a good "gateway/promotional product," like the AP's for webinars. 


How many signatures do I have to have to make this happen?



Kind of a big deal

Re: New product category: Meraki PDU

Not a bad idea!


(I have to get to 50 characters apparently...)

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