New Partners Login - Oh god please not Cisco OneIdentity!!!

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New Partners Login - Oh god please not Cisco OneIdentity!!!

Hello All, just received the email inviting me to look at the new partners login, and what am i presented with, that pain in the backside Cisco OneIdentity!


What will have happened to my previous login with the old system that i have a number of items connected to?

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What problems do you have with the Cisco SSO?


I thnk it's great.. i can log in to all 250000 different cisco websites with just one logon.

I'm more worried about the complete cisco website/portals chaos.

Ive been using my own ID (personal email address) up until recently to handle my certifications, and my company was using this to give me access to various cisco items


Recently i was forced to create an identity to work with Umbrella that was @myemployersdomain. I find the Cisco SSO clunky and awkward. Why not just let me provide my own SSO?


I currently am pushing SAML integration from my Azure Active Directory to my MSP Dashboard for Meraki, is that now in jeopardy?


Ive found OneID to not be very user friendly, and it really has a hard time with multiple identities. Ive found even logging out of it and clearing tokens to be difficult


If you are a 100% cisco user, nothing else at all, i 100% see the benefit. If you have always been using some flavor of this, and nothing else, brilliant, it must seriously have made your life easier. But for partners...i find it awkward

i had a personal cco due to certifications.... 


when moving to the company i work now, it was added to the parter so i have rights to partner options ( also the umbrella partner login) but the thing i did was change my primary mail adress to my company one.


When i would change job, i'm changng it back to my private gmail adress.

Kind of a big deal

Why all the fuss over the new Partner Portal?  I’ve used the existing one a handful of times. It’s almost irrelevant and not required.


We use CCW for deal-regs and we can source anything else via our AM or the Meraki website.


Is the new portal truly transformational and game-changing? Without looking...I’m guessing not

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I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.
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