Nested templates?

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Nested templates?

I know Meraki is fairly tight lipped on roadmap items. I'm curious if anyone has seen any discussions about nested templates.


What I mean by that is a network which is not bound by a template, instead a sub section is. For example, I have the need to have the MX and MS be non-template based, but would desire the wireless to be template drive. I want all of the devices (MX/MS/MR) to be part of a single network.


The advantage to this is I can make wireless changes across the board in one fell swoop, while at the same time the wireless is part of the network and status screens.


An alternative idea is bulk changes which can be applied across multiple networks for a given value. For example, if I want to update the radius servers for all (or some) networks do this via a few GUI clicks. Anyone who uses Cisco's Control Hub for their collaboration devices knows what I mean.


I love templates for the home user setups, but they are not great for the corporate setup. They make total sense for retail, hospitality, etc.

Kind of a big deal

I haven't heard about anything happening like that.

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