Monitoring WAN link with SNMP Zabbix

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Monitoring WAN link with SNMP Zabbix



I would like to implement a monitoring with zabbix to notify if the WAN has fallen or is still up. Currently, I have found various scattered information on this method.


I have been looking for information on how to implement it with the SNMP protocol but I don't know if it gives the information I need and on the part of Zabbix I can't understand how to relate it.


Any idea where to start? I am a bit lost

Kind of a big deal

It's painful using SNMP.  You'll need to do an snmpwalk and figure out what OID to monitor.  You can use SNMP to the device directly or the cloud. 


It is super simple to use Meraki email alerts to do the same thing. 


I'm not familiar with Zabbix, but if it supports WebHooks you could also use those. 

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