Meraki and AWS

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Meraki and AWS

We have a client, they use Meraki. Our Windows VMs are in AWS. We remote to our VMs. The second we try to connect to the Meraki VPN, our connection to the VM is dropped, Meraki connection fails.


No idea why.


Client says they have no setting available to them to deal with this.


Please assist!

Head in the Cloud

There are two parts to setting up a Site to Site VPN to a cloud like the AWS cloud.   Typically, you would need a VMX in the Azure Cloud and a physical MX


The instructions to set up the VMX in the Azure Cloud are here:

and here:


Once you have set that up, you may need to add routes in the AWS route table so packets can find their way back to the Site to Site tunnel.


Once the tunnel is in place and the servers can be pinged from the LAN the physical MX is on, then you should be able to access your server in AWS.  You could also configure a Client VPN on the physical MX so remote workers can access the servers.

Dave Anderson
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