Meraki IP conflict

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Meraki IP conflict

Most of the time IP conflict pops up and when i fixed those clients with different IP i still see the IP in the clients section

is their any way to release the client IP to get the new fixed IP, i do not want to restart the device

Cisco should add this feature to allow admin to release the conflict ip with the fixed on..


Any help...

Kind of a big deal

You need to resolve the underlying issue with the DHCP conflicts.


If it is DHCP clients conflicting with devices with a static IP then create DHCP reservations or exclusions to prevent those IP addresses from being given out.


did not configured static IP, the strange is when i found the conflicting IPs from the client page I have fixed them

with 2 separate IP which  was not in use, 


 I can still see the same IP for 2 devices. it is not refreshing


And when i click on the devices it shown the fixed IP

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