Meraki Authentication: bulk user creation

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Meraki Authentication: bulk user creation

Well I was wondering if anyone else had ever wished for a way to create users in bulk (csv template) for meraki authentication in their cloud management console?  It's easy enough to get rid of a group but one user at a time seems archaic.  If everyone is wondering, this would be for student accounts.

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There doesn't exist a way today, that would be something that would be nice if the Dashboard API supported at least if they aren't going to expose an UI based upload.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

You can bulk add administrators through the Dashboard API, but not users. If the users are employees, you might consider granting them all Guest Ambassador privileges (the most limited Admin role). Give it a try and let me know if that is a solution.


Alternatively, you can use a RADIUS server or LDAP or Google Apps.


Submit a wish on the Dashboard API under Help > API Docs. Meraki is always looking for feedback. 


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