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Location HeatMap

in the old version of the Dashboard I could see the signal strength and also see the passerby's and other APs etc.. via a time period.  Now it does not show either.  are there new settings I need to put in place for that or is it deprecated? 

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I think some of this was being re-worked into the new Network Wide > Maps & Floorplans page, you should be able to select individual floorplans from the right side pane, and there is a vertical toolbar where you can select different marker values such as current clients, clients per day, usage per day, and device name or type.  You can also turn on/off different device types if you have more than just APs.  On the location heatmap page now I only see the ability to toggle the devices, the APs, or the heatmap itself.  On the Organization > Location Analytics page you should still be able to get the passerby and visitor info, but there's no heatmap there.  Let me know if that's what you were after specifically and I'll ask the MR team about this and get back to you.  

Thank you Dave, very helpful!  What is great about the community...learn something helpful you weren't even aware of!


Yet this will help when doing quick trouble shooting.

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