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Locating Sceduled Reports


Locating Sceduled Reports

Why is it so hard to find the existing scheduled reports?


I've made a wish for a link to the page to be made available within Organization, or on the summary reporting page.


Could anyone confirm if there's an easier way to get there, my only solution currently is:-


Organization --> Summary Report --> Email / Schedule report --> view and edit all scheduled reports.





Kind of a big deal

Re: Locating Sceduled Reports

Bookmark the page would be easiest.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Locating Sceduled Reports

That is the only way I know how to get there too 😃

Your not alone
Nolan Herring |
Getting noticed

Re: Locating Sceduled Reports

Bookmark is the best way to do this like @kYutobi said.

Head in the Cloud

Re: Locating Sceduled Reports

Ha i've been caught by this before and meant to check if there was an easy link

Wish request coming up
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