Listing of Networks without Floor Plans

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Listing of Networks without Floor Plans


I am reaching out to find out if there is a good way to identify which networks within a given organization do not have maps/floor plans associated with them.  Any advice here is greatly appreciated. 

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You could probably do this via the API. I see there are some floorplan endpoints:


I'm sorry, but I don't have any code to offer you here 😞

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Hi @WiFiJedi,

Could you provide an example for what you mean?

Thank you,

Certainly. For every 'network' within dashboard that has Meraki APs, we are supposed to have a floor plan added/uploaded as well, with the APs placed accordingly.  However, we've found that this has not been occurring in some instances by our admins doing the conversions.  We are noticing this after the fact.  Looking for a good way to quickly identify 'networks' that have Meraki APs but no corresponding floor plan uploaded to the Dashboard. 

Kind of a big deal

With the endpoints that @jdsilva mentioned, it's pretty easy to figure out which networks don't have floor plans:


1. Get your org ID

2. use getOrganizationNetworks to build a list of networks

3. Run getFloorplans on all networks with a loop.


If the return is null, you've got no floorplan. You can output the no-floorplan network names to a file and then boom, checklist!

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