Issues with "View All networks" map.

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Issues with "View All networks" map.

Since the new layout of the "View all Networks" map, we have regular issues with this view.

We use this view on one of our monitoring screens (A 75" Display on the wall).

Some times we are looking at a blank screen, no map, no icons, some times only with some of the general buttons (Map/Satelite/-/+). 

Some times all the networks crop together (see picture) while they are normally spread over Europe.

Is there a way to prevent this? Maybe an other browser (we use Chrome)? 

Within IE we see the firewall's as a long rectangular box (see second picture) @meraki_, is there some compatability issue with IE?


cropped map view.PNG


Map view long Firewall in IE.PNG 


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Thijs van Yperen

Thijs van Yperen
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Kind of a big deal

I would imagine they support all major browsers, but I would lean towards Chrome if I were you. Do you have some sort of setup that auto refreshes the page every minute or couple minutes or something? That might get in front of the issue your having if you don't.


Edit: Also I understand your frustration. The old map view system all around worked great, and the new view modes have been so buggy I'm not sure how they are passing QA before they get pushed to us customers.

Nolan Herring |

I have the same issue across many clients. The old map view worked much better.

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