[For Meraki] New Organisation Administrator Problem (WorkFlow Issue)

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[For Meraki] New Organisation Administrator Problem (WorkFlow Issue)

Hi Meraki,
A user could have created a demo account and then you can add them to as many organisations as possible. But if you add an email address that has never had an account, you need to wait for them to verify it prior to adding them to more than one organisation. And you get the following error:
"Email ********@********* is already registered with a Cisco Meraki Dashboard account. For security purposes, that user must verify his/her email address before administrator permissions can be granted here."
From a security prospective this does not make sense (given the work around is to create a demo account first) and so this WorkFlow just adds an unnecessary delay / step to the process.
Would it be possible to add trusted domains e.g. @company.co.uk so that you can add a user (with an email address for that domain) to as many as you want without it producing an error? Or remove this block?
Thank you,
Peter James
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Re: [For Meraki] New Organisation Administrator Problem (WorkFlow Issue)

Thanks for sharing. News for me.

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