Event log not displaying the correct info

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Event log not displaying the correct info

Hi ,


I was looking at some events logs I came upon some events that are misleading when compared to the documentation.




The documentation states that : 

  • uplink: 2 - indicates Cellular is being used. 

When in reality it is displayed as is_cellular : 2




Same with the API call  '{0}/networks/{1}/events?productType=appliance&perPage=1000&includedEventTypes[]=failover_event'  


'eventData': {'is_cellular': '2'}


1- Is the documentation wrong ?

2- In my screenshot , I have a hard time understanding the events...


We have 2 dual WAN + Cellular as a backup. I was expecting to see uplink0 and 1 fail, then see a failover to cellular , then see another failover to uplink0-1 when they came back online. The lack of info on these logs makes it hard to identify if a link went down or not.



Thanks , 




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