Dashboard - Switch Port XX is not using the same VLAN settings as its connected switchport

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Dashboard - Switch Port XX is not using the same VLAN settings as its connected switchport

I created 2 new vlans today. Once I added the vlan's as an allowed vlan, the switch would then give an alert that the vlan settings were not the same. However, they are matching and it even verifies so on the port CDP area.


Is the dashboard having issues updating or have I don't something wrong? Everything works with the new vlan, so it seems that the alert is false and just won't go away. The alerts have been showing for about 2 hours now.


The link below is to my OneDrive with screenshots.




Thank you!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Sounds like a dashboard UI bug. Maybe try opening a case on that one.


Out of curiosity , why are you disabling RSTP on those interfaces ?

Thank you for the reply.


I have opened a case and awaiting further from support.


We have not had good luck with RSTP. I personally would like to enable it across the board on appropriate ports but it gives me a hard time.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Your core 425-16 appears to be connected to each MX250 using ports 15 & 16. The allowed VLAN list of those 2 ports don't exactly match. Maybe missing one of the new VLANs? I can't entirely tell from the change log what VLANs you added and where (on the MX or MS).


Also, it's against best practice to connect the MXs directly to each other. The concept of the heartbeat VLAN is basically not legit as VRRP is sent on all VLANs. So, you're sending it on VLAN 1111 between each MX, but it's also going over every other VLAN trunked to the downstream switch. Using a direct MX to MX link both provides no value and raises the potential of misconfigurations, loops, or dual master situations.


Also, with a network of this size (honestly any network) I would absolutely being using spanning tree. 


One more question. Are you migrating the L3 interfaces from the MX to the MS? I'm not sure why you have all the same L3 VLANs on both the MX and MS vs using a transit network between MX and MS.

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