Cross Organizational MAC search

Kind of a big deal

Cross Organizational MAC search

@JesseN , I read your feature announcement with interest: 


I did a lot of experimenting, and this feature only works for orgs on the same shard.  It took me quite a while to even find two customers using the same shard.


I couldn't get it to work at all from the MSP portal (which seems to be the most sensible place to have an all org search option).


Meraki Employee

@PhilipDAth , This functionality has been thoroughly tested and the feature has been confirmed across shards and on the MSP portal with good results. I can take a quick look if you want to DM me the email that you are seeing issues on but if you are running into issues it would be best to open up a ticket with support and I will make sure that it gets looked at.  


Thank you for testing and the quick feedback!

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