Configuration Sync

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Configuration Sync

Hi All.


I have Meraki Several AP & Switches MR53, MS425 & MS250


Now i want to do a configuration Sync, In Meraki document


I cannot see any of my devices them in  "Source Network" option.


Can you help me to sync configuration.

Kind of a big deal

Note this caveat:

"Note: Configuration Sync cannot be performed with a combined network. "

A combined network is any network with more than one device type in it.


What you might be able to do is use by backup/restore script, and then when you do a restore delete all the settings except just the WiFi and restore those settings into the other networks.

Hi @Phil

Where did you see the referenced quote "Note: Configuration Sync cannot be performed with a combined network." ?
I've searched but can't find it, in fact the documentation site doesn't really have any reference to config sync, only working with Templates, and cloning existing networks.

Getting noticed

Found it 👍

Cloning Network Settings with Configuration Sync

Sometimes it is convenient or necessary to copy configurations from one network to another. If an Organization has multiple networks, it is possible to copy an existing MX or MR network configuration to another network. For MXs in particular, the traffic shaping and content/security filtering settings can be copied.

Note: Configuration Sync cannot be performed with a combined network or a network bound to a template

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