Bulk Edit SSID Access Control for over 50 networks

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Bulk Edit SSID Access Control for over 50 networks

Is it possible to bulk update DNS on one particular SSID for over 50 networks? SSID name is same in all the networks.


Thanks guys.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I was about to tell you that you need to write a script and use the API:



But then I realised you don't define the DNS servers to use in SSID settings.  They will be configured on your DHCP server.  If you are using Meraki DHCP then it is the DNS server configured on the AP that will be used.

Thanks Philip, I am using Meraki DHCP for this SSID. But for my use case, I have to define 'custom DNS' under Content Filtering.

I don't see Content Filtering in API options.




In case anyone else gets to this post while searching on Google, the v1 has the possibility of updating this but it's not documented:



You have to update .dnsRewrite.enabled (boolean) and .dnsRewrite.dnsCustomNameservers (array)

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