It's getting personal now...... ;)

Building a reputation

It's getting personal now...... ;)

1: A bit about yourself & your work


Hi, I'm Roger from the Netherlands and working as a Senior Network Engineer at a company called ITSN (

Because we're not that big of a company my tasks are pretty wide and contain, pre-sales, consultancy, architecture but also sometimes getting my hands "dirty" with installing and configuration of network devices. 




2: Your experience with Cisco Meraki.


Starting some 4 years back when i began at my current job and attended at a CMNA cours in Brussels.

Now we have a rule "Meraki unless" 😉 wich resulted in some interesting projects like a retailer in Europe, 100 shops in NL BE DE and AT, 3DC's and a HQ in the Netherlands. We're in preparations now and beginning at the first shop at the 10th of feb.




3: A fun fact about yourself


Having a 42U server rack in the basement with a few HP DL360G8 servers and my Cisco CAT2960x stack "coreswitch", lab hardware and patch connections throughout my house.

Don't think this is normal btw 😉

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Kind of a big deal

Solidarity on the "Meraki unless". "Unless you need VPN NAT, a mix of IKEv1 and IKEv2 tunnels, you're probably gonna use this vendor that needs X feature..." and a couple other things, we fit most of our MSP clients into Meraki. Easier on us.


On the VAR side, well, we get people who know what they want and people with more complex needs.

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