I live in regional NSW Australia and worked full-time teaching IT at the local university. I've been a CCNA Instructor for a long time but retired before Meraki came out. I now volunteer helping at my local men's shed which recently upgraded their phone system to a business grade system.


A retired electrician and a retired telecommunications technician when they were told we were getting new phones told the supplier they would install the cable for the phones. I'm not there at the men's shed everyday to check these things. They had run Cat 3 cable. When the supplier delivered a MX64W, a MX36 and a PoE switch along with the wireless VoIP phones they said we had agreed to do the cabling. It's about 100m between the main office where the MX64W and switch are and the far shed where a phone is to be installed. It's large metal sheds on concrete slabs so no hope of pulling a cable through the buried conduit. I'm hoping I can install the MX36 at the far end of the middle shed and it will have enough range to reach the VoIP phone in the far shed through two metal walls.


Fun fact: I designed and built my first computer from chips around about the same time two Steves were selling computers made in a garage.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Cool story @info .


You could also look locally for some VDSL bridge/switches/media converters (different people call them different things).  These have normal RJ45 in, then convert to VDSL to run over things like Cat3, and then you have the same media converter at the other end to convert back to normal Ethernet.

Not so common these days as cat3 is the exception rather than the norm.


Something like this: 

or these: 


I haven't used any of the above products so don't take that as an endorsement of a particular product.  Just an idea you could investigate.

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