Introducing myself and Cohort Networks to the community

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Introducing myself and Cohort Networks to the community

Hello, fellow Meraki Community Members!


A bit about myself & my work...

Former Enterprise Architect with one of the Canadian Schedule 1 Banks. I am co-owner of Cohort Networks, which my business partner and I established in 2009. We are a Cisco Select Partner operating two online stores specializing in Cisco Meraki, Cisco Umbrella and WebEx Meetings and WebEx Teams (See COHORT.CA in Canada and COHORT.US in the USA). We work with businesses of all sizes, Government (Local, Provincial/State & Federal) and a large number of IT consultants and managed service providers (MSP) looking to deploy Cisco and Cisco Meraki in their and/or their customer's environments.


My experience with Cisco Meraki...

We were early adopters of the Meraki family of cloud-managed network hardware and started deploying it to all our MSP customers as the only network stack Cohort would support. We have been selling, deploying, managing and supporting Meraki since 2010 and share that acquired knowledge with our customers and Meraki community members alike. We are happy to help them size/architect a Cisco/Cisco Meraki solution and work with them and Cisco to qualify our customers for the very best pricing available in Canada and the USA.  


What I'm hoping to gain from the community...

Contribute to Meraki related discussions and help/learn from fellow community members where we may. Please do not hesitate to engage me.


A fun fact about myself...

Recently moved our Cisco/Cisco Meraki businesses from the rat race of Toronto, ON, Canada to the slower pace of and far more scenic cities of Victoria, BC, Canada and San Franciso, CA, USA.



Looking forward to learning more about my fellow community members. My colleagues and I look forward to working with you or helping where we are able.



Forward, Together
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Head in the Cloud

Hello, welcome

Head in the Cloud

Welcome to the community! I hope Victoria, BC has been a nice change of pace for you.
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