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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi There

Hi fellow Meraki fans!


I'm Adam and I am a Content Engineer on the Training and Evangelism team at Meraki. In this role I'm focused on developing our training program content for both internal Cisco employees as well as Meraki customers and partners. I've spent quite a bit of time working on our ECMS1 and CMNA programs and prior to this role I was a Technical Evangelist where I was primarily focused on delivering these trainings.


I actually started my career at Meraki 3 years ago on the support team. That's right, I was on the front lines supporting all of our partners, customers, and internal sales team with any issues related to the entire product portfolio! That's a lot of products… but I learned a ton and decided to take that knowledge and shift my focus to training!


I've been a big fan of Meraki ever since college when I was learning how to configure on-prem gear. I remember stumbling upon Cisco's announcement of the Meraki acquisition back in 2012 - all those hands-on labs with CLI in school really helped me appreciate the simplicity of Meraki!


Fun fact - My very first job was detasseling corn…. by hand. I walked up and down countless rows of corn for hours on end in rural Illinois in the middle of the summer. That job taught me a lot of things - including the fact that I'm allergic to corn.


Anyways, really looking forward to continuing to engage with all of you here!

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Kind of a big deal

Evangelism aye, so when is your bible due  🤓?


I never knew what detasseling corn meant, thanks for that.

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