Hi All!!

Here to help

Hi All!!

Hey all,


Glad to be part of the community!


  • A bit about yourself & your work
    • We're a small VAR/Systems Integrator for SMB here in the Southeast USA based out of South Carolina. We're a new Cisco Partner.
  • Your experience with Cisco Meraki
    • I've used Meraki for years with another company and now excited to share it with our client base and others.
  • A fun fact about yourself
    • I hold a CISSP certification and work another full-time job as an IT Security manager at a large university.

I look forward to meeting and learning from you all!


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Kind of a big deal

You sound like you have a busy life! University IT security is a lot on its own, let alone an MSP/VAR "side gig".

Hey Nash,

Luckily I’ve got great help on both sides!

Glad to have you!

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