Hello Meraki Group


Hello Meraki Group

I joined this community while trying to find a solution to (what I think is) a Windows 10 update problem....  I'm hoping to find the magic fix.  I'm a retired RF Engineer with 49 years in broadcast television.  I'm somewhat computer literate and fairly trainable for the vast world IT knowledge in which I'm still unfamiliar.


I've used a Meraki VPN to connect to various networks I need to access for my work.  It's always worked flawlessly - until this W-10 Pro 64b update tripped me up.


I do a lot of volunteer work at our community theater helping with the sound system, microphones and lights.

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Kind of a big deal

Here to help

Hello and welcome to the community


You may want to check your Win 10 VPN settings - both for sign-in options (if you have username /password set) this will be under Settings>Network & Internet>VPN, as well as the Adapter settings in the network connections section.

Make sure that under the Security Tab that PAP is checked off and no other boxes.


I find that my win 10 changes those on me at will and I always check before connecting


Hope that helps 🙂

Welcome to the community!


(I don't actually know the cause or solution to your issue. I just wanted to welcome you.)

I want to thank everyone for their warm welcome!

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Welcome to the community!
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