Greetings to the Meraki community, from New Zealand


Greetings to the Meraki community, from New Zealand

Greetings all!


As prompted by Meredith and the Community Team at Meraki, I have decided to say g'day from sunny New Zealand!


I'm a senior consultant at Datacom, within the Network and Security professional services group. My background is a real mixture of Networking, and Network Security both within Enterprise as well as Service Provider environments. I've used products from most major vendors, and recently got involved with Cisco Meraki. As a recent recipient of the CMNA I'm eagerly waiting for my hardware to arrive in order to compliment my existing home lab network - COVID-19 isolation is meaning a lot of time for labbing at the moment!


I'm looking to use this community to help others, as well as receive the latest information and participate in conversations around products and solutions, possible feature requests if they arise.


A fun fact about me is that I own a lifestyle block here in New Zealand, around 55 acres worth and have Highland cattle and horses on it. This keeps me very busy when not working on the day job with Datacom!

Say hello and I am happy to answer questions on tech or farming!


Graham Brown | 


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Kind of a big deal

Welcome to the forums @mountainrescuer 


Our top contributor is from NZ also, @PhilipDAth 

Nolan Herring |

Thanks @NolanHerring !


I've seen a lot of posts from @PhilipDAth on here, especially when I was finding my feet with the products. Great to see NZ representing highly.

Graham Brown | 


Welcome to community 

Thank you @tantony !


I was intrigued by the avatar and you mention in another post that you hold a CPL, nice! I've always wanted to get a chopper licence, ever since flying in Sea Kings back in the UK doing Mountain Rescue work. In NZ, helos are used for everything, especially in the farming, hunting and leisure industries.

Graham Brown | 


Here to help


I am new new to the community and thought I'd reach out and say hi from Australia.


Hi @gmitto welcome back! Hope you weren't affected by the fires out your way too badly? It was unbelievable that the smoke made its way across the Tasman and was still enough to disrupt things here. Hope you find the community here useful!

Graham Brown | 


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