Short on badges? We’ve got a solution for you!

Community Manager

Our latest badges recognize a truly amazing part of this community: solutions. 


What exactly are solutions? After you ask a question or pose a topic for discussion in the Meraki Community, you can mark one of the replies as the "Accepted Solution". Others searching the community for the same question will feel sweet relief when they click on your thread and find that a solution has been marked.


Those of you providing these brilliant solutions take time out of your day to help out your fellow Meraki fans, and we thought it high time you get some recognition. Now, every time your answer is marked as a “solution,” you’ll be one step closer to earning these fresh badges:


The badges:




You’ll earn this badge after you've received your first Accepted Solution -- that is, after someone has marked your response as the answer to their question. “But how do I get started?!” you may be asking. The unanswered topics page is meant for you!




Once you’ve knocked 5 questions outta the park with your knowledge, you’ll earn this badge.




This badge is earned after you’ve made 10 people’s day by providing them with solutions. Or you made one person’s day who’s clearly having a hard time.


What if I’ve already done all that?

Any member who has already had 1, 5, or 10 of their answers marked as solutions will automatically be awarded the corresponding badges. So, if you’ve already written 10 solutions, then you’ll be granted all three badges at once!

If you’re not granted the appropriate badge in the next 24 hours and feel this was in error, please email us at