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Meraki Alumni (Retired)

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It’s time for our September Member spotlight!


For this Member Spotlight, we chose to recognize @KarstenI. Since joining way back in 2019, they've written 98 posts, received 66 kudos, and authored 8 solutions. We've really appreciated @KarstenI's contributions across many of our boards, both providing helpful information and asking great questions 🙂



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Tell us a little bit about your background.

I am Karsten Iwen (@KarstenIwen on Twitter, but not very active), 0x35 years old and from the northern part of Germany (near the Baltic Sea). Doing IT since a quarter of a century and mainly with Cisco gear for the last 20 years. For quite some time now I work as a freelance Consultant and Instructor (for Cisco courses) mainly in the area of security and wireless.


You’ve been super active in the community since joining a year and a half ago, what keeps you coming back?

I am also active in the Cisco Community for the last about eight years. I like to share knowledge (that’s the reason I also love to work as a Cisco instructor) and doing so keeps the brain constantly challenged.

The last couple of years I migrated most of the customers partly or even completely to Meraki gear. With that, it’s probably obvious to become active in the Meraki community as well.


What are you most excited about for the future of networking?

Hard to tell. The Excitement of today is Business as usual tomorrow ...


What’s your advice to folks who are just getting started with Meraki?

Although implementing networks with Meraki gear is often very easy, do not neglect to learn the basics. They are *always* needed regardless of how easy it seems to be!



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