[GNOME FOUND!] Gnome in the Home: Prepare for Departure

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UDPATE: AP gnome has been found! Thanks to all who helped find him and congrats to winner @rhbirkelund! See Day 2's post for the answer. 


It’s that time of year again - when the gnomes become antsy and the office/my house turns into gnome-party central. Fortunately for me, this year, they will be jet setting around for some holiday travels!


Before they go, they are prepping their Gnome Hideout for their long departure - shuttering up, powering down, etc. While I’m thrilled they’re finally taking some responsibility, I’m not entirely confident in their ability to actually take care of everything. They’ve been known to leave a mess or two:




And with the way they leave every door and window wide open, you’d think they were trying to heat the whole neighborhood! 


This is where I hope the community can help! I’d like to believe that the gnomes can handle getting some work done in the last few days before their trip, buuut I’d feel a lot better if I had some proof. Can you do us all a favor and make sure they aren’t leaving the Hideout in shambles? If you do, there’s a chance to win a Meraki bluetooth speaker:




They’ve left a message with some clues on how to find their hideout — hopefully one of you can help figure it out!


Here is the message from AP Gnome:


I had an idea to help save energy off working hours at the Gnome Hideout, I'll start working on it right away! If you need me just enter the correct building I’ll leave you a NOTE. Here’s the key in case you can't find yours:




It’s good for all the buildings!


P.s. You can go here to get started: https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/api-v1/#!overview/api-key


How to win

In order to win, you must comment on this post providing a screenshot/picture/image proving that you found the Gnome in the “Gnome Hideout” by using the Meraki API. In the likely event that multiple submissions contain the correct image, we will randomly select 1 winner from that group of respondents. Note that all comments will remain hidden throughout the challenge. The winner will be announced tomorrow, Wednesday December 15th at 10am PST.


The Fine Print


P.S. To follow along with the Gnome in the Home challenge all week, simply subscribe to the Community Announcements board. You can subscribe by clicking the "⋮ Options" menu at the top. From this menu, you can select "Subscribe" for email notifications.

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