Community Platform Updates: Start Topic & Leaderboard Time Range

Meraki Employee

Hello Community!


You may have noticed a few new changes in the Meraki Community today. 


Start a Topic


Per your request, it is now easier than ever to start a conversation in the Community! We have added the “Start a topic” button in two new places for you to quickly find and start a post. 


You can create a post from the Meraki Community home page:





And also, at the bottom of the search results page:





With this new feature, you will also be able to choose the location of your new post. Follow these steps:


  1. Click on the Start a topic button in either new location.
  2. In the New Message click on Select Location box:Christopher_S_8-1663004598580.png
  3. You’ll notice a new window pop up where you can select the forum you wish to post to:




Leaderboard Improvement


We have also added a display of the time range at the top of each of our leaderboards. Now, you can tell the time range that each of the leaderboards is displaying; for example, Top Kudoed Authors covers the last 30 days.





If you want to view stats for different time ranges, simply click the View All button on the leaderboard (as shown above). You’ll be able to select between multiple time ranges to see where you stand and what you need to accomplish to make it to #1! 




As always, Meraki Community, we appreciate all that you do to help make our community top notch! Keep the feedback and suggestions coming by submitting them in the Community Tips & Tricks board.


Happy posting!