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UPDATE 19 Sept: See the announcement of the winners (and the reveal of the correct answers!)


UPDATE 16 Sept: Submissions have been closed; stay tuned for the announcement of the winners!

This month’s Community Challenge is brought to you by our first-ever guest challenge contributor! Meraki Community All-Star, @jdsilva, artfully crafted a community-oriented scavenger hunt/trivia quiz. In addition to creating the questions and answer for this challenge, he will be helping us judge!


The rules for this challenge are simple: provide your answers to each of the questions below (make sure your answers are numbered correctly) in a single comment on this post before the challenge ends on September 16th, at 10:59am PDT. You MUST answer all ten questions to be eligible to win. Submissions will not be public. After you submit your entry, you'll see a message reading "Your post will appear as soon as it is approved."


In the likely event that multiple submissions contain correct answers for all ten questions, we will randomly select 2 winners from that group of respondents. Winners will receive one of these Meraki thermal water bottles!


Meraki thermal water bottleMeraki thermal water bottle



And now, on to the questions! You’ll need to search far and wide within the community to find the answers, but you won’t need to look anywhere else:


The Questions


  1. The Meraki Community started spotlighting monthly members of the month (MOTM) to show appreciation for its most ambitious contributors. Each month, four community members are highlighted based on their accumulated kudos and solutions. However, originally MOTM only counted kudos and not solutions. What was the total number of kudos earned by the very first four MOTM?


  1. Originally, the MOTM were based solely on Kudos, but today they are a combination of Kudos and Solutions. In which month/year MOTM iteration were solutions added to the scoring for MOTM?


  1. The Meraki Community managers are known to hold contests for community members to engage in and have a chance to win swag. One of these challenges received a number of entries equal to the total number of kudos earned by the first iteration of the MOTM (note that comments on the challenge from Meraki employees do not count as "entries"). What is the name of this contest?


  1. The Meraki Community was officially launched the same day as a major astronomical event that was viewable primarily from North America, but could be observed in many other places around the world too. What was this event, and on what day did it occur?


  1. Prior to the official launch of the Meraki Community, there was a beta period where some lucky folks were invited to assist with some initial testing and feedback. These members received the Founding Member badge. How many members received this badge?


  1. After the beta period ended and the community launched, seven members were recognized for their exceptional contributions during the beta period. Who are these seven members?


  1. The Meraki Community has badges that are awarded to members for various accomplishments, and displayed in their profile. One of the first badges a new member can earn is the Lift-Off badge. What are the requirements to earn the Lift-Off badge?


  1. There are two different badges that have been each earned by only a single member. One is the Year 1 MVP earned by @PhilipDAth for his staggering contributions during year one of the community. What is the other badge, and who was it awarded to?


  1. The Meraki Community is more than just the message boards! In 2019 the Meraki Learning Hub was added to the Community as "THE place to learn about Meraki's training offerings". One of these training offerings is called ECMS1. What does ECMS stand for?


  1. Meraki recently announced a new member recognition program called the Meraki All-Stars. On what date was the program itself announced?


Thanks @jdsilva and good luck all! 🍀🍀🍀


Terms & Conditions

  • Limit one entry per community member.
  • Submission period: Wednesday, September 10th, 2019 at 11am PDT through Tuesday, September 16th, 2019 at 10:59am PDT
  • Prize will be a selection of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD 50.00
  • Official terms, conditions, and eligibility information
Kind of a big deal

Thank you @jdsilva for this community challenge. Man Very Happy


Community Manager

Quick reminder — this challenge closes in 2 hrs! Get your entries in! We have 8 submissions so far, so your chances of winning are good if you enter! 

Community Manager

Submissions have been closed; stay tuned for the announcement of the winners!

Kind of a big deal

Thanks @MeredithW and @CarolineS for running my little quiz thingy as a contest. And thanks to everyone that took the time to tackle this and submit a set of answers! 


After reviewing the entries there were two that answered everything correctly. Congratulations to @KevinFry and @MSAU for a job well done! You two are truly Meraki Community Trivia Experts! (omg, badge suggestion or what?!)


Here are the answers to the 10 questions:


  1. First MOTM were @PhilipDAth (61 Kudos), @Mr_IT_Guy (29 kudos), @WANKiller (23 kudos) and @BHC_RESORTS (22 kudos). 
  2. Solutions were added in the MOTM scoring in June 2018.
  3. The VLAN Challenge had 135 entries, the same number of total kudos earned by the first MOTM.
  4. The Meraki Community officially launched on Aug 21st, 2017. On this day the Great American Eclipse  also occurred.  Fun fact: Aug 21 is also my Step-Dad's and my wife's Dad's birthday.
  5. The Founding Member badge has been awarded to 406 people.
  6. The top beta contributors were @MerakiJockey505@BHC_RESORTS@Mr_IT_Guy@MRCUR@NFL0NR@Mike_Rapp and @Dave.
  7. The Lift Off badge requires a member to write a post, give a kudo, and sign in twice to earn. 
  8. The Most Valuable Canine badge was awarded to @Maui_Meraki_Dog.
  9. ECMS is short for Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions.
  10. The All Stars program was announced on June 12, 2019.


Thanks again to everyone that participated! 

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