[CONTEST CLOSED] It’s virtually an egg hunt!

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We’re egg-static to bring back a favorite Community contest from the vault — a virtual Easter Egg Hunt!


Meraki Gnomes Easter Egg hunt.jpg


Our gnomes have been gleefully scattering Easter eggs around the community, and it’s up to you to find them. Simply be the first to reply to a post containing an Easter egg with “EGG FOUND!” and we’ll exchange that egg for an eggs-uisite piece of Meraki swag.


The eggs you’ll be hunting are these beauties below:



Meraki Community Easter Eggs.png


Each egg-finder will win a Cisco Meraki tote bag worthy of putting ALL your eggs in: 


cisco meraki tote bag.jpegIf you’re interested in following this contest and receiving updates as soon as new clues are released, be sure to subscribe to the comments on this blog post by clicking “Options” and “Subscribe.”


Comments will remain hidden throughout the contest to keep the fun going. We will announce the winners in an update on this blog and make all comments visible again by April 17th. 


Your first clue:


This first egg is hiding from you IN plain SIGHT,

Find it in a Meraki License post, you just might. 


Egg one has been found by @txhomer! Congratulations 🎉 Everyone stayed tuned for our next clue tomorrow. We will make sure to hide the comments before then to keep the fun going. 


Your second clue:


In a post that asks what bandwidth the cloud archive requires,

You will find waiting the hidden egg of your heart’s desires!


Egg two has been found by @Bandwiches! Congratulations 🎉 You were the first to find it by 1 MINUTE 😮 a real photo finish! Well done to everyone who guessed the correct location. We'll have another clue for you later today. 


Your third clue:


In a post about trying for the best design Network Wide, 

Is where you will discover the third egg does hide!


Egg three has been found by @LilyVela! Congratulations 🎉 Another close one. Well done to everyone who guessed correctly. Stay tuned tomorrow for the final clue at a different time! 


Your fourth clue:


Hidden among the page of this Using Blueprints how-to guide, 

Waiting just for you to come along, the final egg does reside!


Egg four has been found by @MerryAki! Congratulations 🎉Thanks to everyone who joined the hunt and a big congrats to all of our winners! 



🐇🐣🌸 Grab your baskets and happy hunting! 🌸🐣🐇


The fine print: