Announcing the Meraki Projects Gallery

Community Manager




Some of you may have noticed a nifty new board trending lately here in the community; it’s high time we officially reveal it:


Presenting… the Meraki Projects Gallery!


*snips ribbon with an absurdly large pair of scissors*


Behold, a friendly new place where you can create posts sharing your work implementing Meraki solutions. Posts can include photos and even video to help illustrate your achievements. Once submitted, your post can get kudos and comments, making it a great way to get a little recognition from your peers for something you’re proud of. Posts are even shareable to social media, so why not show off your impressive feats to your connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster (surely still relevant?) etc.!


Take a moment to peruse some of the posts already shared — there’s lots of impressive Merakifying being done out there and we couldn’t be more proud!

Welcome to the Meraki Community!
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