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Announcing new achievement badges...with a poem!

Community Manager

This community wouldn’t be anything without the multitudes of posts written by our customers, partners, and employees. These posts provide immeasurable value to readers, including answers to technical questions, networking ideas, collaborations, celebrations...we could go on, but instead we’ll profess our love through poetry ✍🏻 💕.


An Ode to Your Post:


Oh, how we love your new post,
Above all, we love it the most!
Like none other before,
Go ahead — write four more!
Just don’t get so engrossed,
That you don’t check your roast
And turn your farmhouse to toast.


But hey, at least you wrote that great post!

And if that amazing composition wasn’t enough, we are excited to announce three new badges you can earn through penning those vital posts. From the sporadic poster to our more prolific wordsmiths, there will be a badge to recognize you and your achievements along the way!


These three new badges that you can earn by writing posts (new topics, replies to existing topics, and comments on blog posts) will be live within the next 24 hours.


The badges:


You’ll earn this badge after you’ve submitted your first five posts — introducing yourself is a great place to start!


50 Posts Badge50 Posts Badge

Once you’ve conquered your next 45 posts, you’ll receive this badge of honor.



You’ll see this badge on your profile once you’ve submitted one HUNDRED 💯posts.


What if I’ve already done all that?

Any member who has already written 5, 50, or 100 posts will automatically be awarded the corresponding badges. So, if you’ve already written 100 posts, then you’ll be granted all three badges at once!

If you’re not granted the appropriate badge in the next 24 hours and feel this was in error, please email us at

Kind of a big deal
Gotta love those badges 🙂
Kind of a big deal



Head in the Cloud

@jdsilva We don't need no stinking Badgers. 

Kind of a big deal

And since this post right here is my 1000th post I'll just go ahead and throw it out there that maybe a 1000 post badge wouldn't be a bad idea either.







Kind of a big deal

Thank you @MeredithW and Meraki community. Really is a great group of individuals.

Kind of a big deal

How about some long term target badges, like a 10,000 and a 100,000 post badge.

Kind of a big deal

Also what about a badge for anyone's username starting with jdsilva.

Community Manager

Love both of those ideas, @PhilipDAth! Especially the special jdsilva badge 😂

Kind of a big deal

Haha I don't think we need a jdsilva badge. But maybe an apostrophe in your last name badge 😉

Kind of a big deal

How about some mushrooms?

Building a reputation

Is there someplace an overview of all available badges?

Kind of a big deal