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"Let me introduce you to my day. It started at 1am with a WebEx conference call to Mexico to assist with a Meraki MR change for an hour. Then 10 minutes of Meraki Community time followed by sleep. At 6:15am I got up to attend a Meraki Distributor presentation 90 minutes drive away. After that I checked the Meraki Community and did my daily LinkedIn marketing. I responded to emails and then caught a flight to Christchurch (that's in New Zealand). While waiting for the plane to take off I cleared my emails. I should land at my destination at about 4:30pm and then my final destination is about 60 minutes drive away. Once I get there I'll liase with the people I'm visiting, have dinner, and then start work for the day.


By the end of this week I would have remotely done jobs in New Zealand, Mexico, United States, Australia and London. Next week, who knows.


I've been working with Cisco products for around 20 years. Before that I was an excellent C software engineer. I made a conscious decision to switch from Cisco Enterprise to Cisco Meraki maybe 3 years ago. New Zealand is mostly comprised of SMBs, and simply put, Cisco Meraki is a better fit.


I have a pool table in my lounge and I like to use it 2 or 3 times a week playing friends or my children.


My favourite TV program is The Simpsons.


I look forward to sleep..."


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