The pricing structure when using Vmx with AWS

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The pricing structure when using Vmx with AWS

Hi all,


I have a customer who has already deployed SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki MX. Now, they want to move their data center to AWS and also deploy Vmx for their SD-WAN network. However, they are concerned about the pricing structure and how many types of fees they need to pay.


1. The Vmx license fee paid to Cisco Meraki.
2. The EC2 instance cost paid to AWS.


Are there any other considerations or advice from those who have already deployed Vmx with AWS?

Please provide your insights.


Thank you.

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Public IP Cost to AWS

Thanks you, how about traffic in/out, does AWS charge for it ?


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we did deploy VMX in our environment, traffic in/out charges i'm not sure will get that checked for you

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