MG not connecting to Cloud

Kind of a big deal

MG not connecting to Cloud

I have a new, out-of-the-box, never registered MG, that I have trouble getting to connect to Meraki Cloud.

I've verified everything that I can come to mind of, and it's not connecting. According to the customer, users at the site have also verified that the SIM card is not PIN locked. I'm suspecting that the MG is missing APN settings and so on, but I have trouble getting the customer to actually browse the to local status page. 


Since they lack power adapters, they have connected the MG according to, where Port 1 on the MG is connected to a PoE port. The switchport connected to port 1, is put in a dummy Vlan, in order to make sure the MG ip addresses are not being being handed out. 


Since I wanted to check the Local Status Page myself, and the device not coming online, I'm trying to "backdoor" my way into it, via ClientVPN on the MX. 

I've created a vlan on the MX in the dummy Vlan, and waiting for the customer to verifify this VLan is being trunked all the way through to the MG. Port 2 on the MG is not connected to WAN2 on the MX. However, I am not able to browse to the MG. 


During a packet dump on the MX LAN, i've noticed several ARP to a 192.168.0.x address, and the MG responding with an address.

What is the expected behaviour of an "unpacked, out-of-the-box, no initial Cloud Connectivity"-MG21? Will it hand out addresses to all clients untill it downloads configuration from Meraki Cloud?


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Head in the Cloud

I have a MG21 connected to a MS120-24P.  The switch is powering the MG21. The port the MG21 is plugged into is set up as Access (not Trunked) and a VLAN is specified.  There is another port on the switch set as Access and the same VLAN.  The cable plugged into that port runs into Wan2 on MX65.


This setup started working once I had the correct APN specified in the MG21

Dave Anderson
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