How to get a SIM from Verizon

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How to get a SIM from Verizon

What magic words do we need to use to get someone at Verizon to activate a SIM for the MG21E?  After spending 7+ hours on the phone, my customer finally got them to send her a SIM card, but we still have no connection to Verizon from the MG.  The dashboard just shows the Provider as +COPS: 2


When we call Verizon support, they seem completely bewildered about this device.  The guy I spoke with yesterday didn't seem to grasp the difference between WiFi and cellular networks.  The promised call back from Tier 2 never happened.  Today, they just hung up on her. 


It would be really nice if Meraki could just send an order form over to Verizon or AT&T when we buy one of these vs. us having to do battle with the utterly clueless tier 1 reps.  We've had the MG21E for a month now and we can't make any progress at all with Verizon. 

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Is is that VZW is asking for the MG21 IMEI and it's not accepted/recognized in their system? If so, open a Meraki Support case so we can escalate that over to VZW. I've not seen that issue happen in a longtime however. VZW should have all the IMEI ranges of our MG21s and MG41s.

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