Antenna extention cable MG21E/MG41E

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Antenna extention cable MG21E/MG41E



Would an extention cable (1 ft.) between the modem and the dipole antennas, cause a loss of performance?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Yes - any length of cable will reduce the power of both the sent and received signal.  The loss would be largely proportional to the length of cable, but having the two connection points themselves (as opposed to one for direct-attach) will introduce more loss.   Given that MG is outdoor rated, why wouldn't you put the MG precisely where you need it and attach the antenna directly?

Thank you for your reply.

We use small IP rated cabinets with routers inside an the modem placed on the outside. This is a mobile system and is moved around by our customers. Given the size, specially the mg41e, it happens very often that they break the antennas. I would like to place the modem inside the cabinet for protection, but then I have to use a extention cable to reduce the lenght of the modem by placing the antennas somewere else in the cabinet.

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