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We've started Beta!

Meraki Go Team

Beta's an exciting milestone for all of us!

There's always a ton of great feedback and important things to catch.


Here are some nice things our beta users have said about Meraki Go so far:


“I love it, super easy. Can we go install some in one of my restaurants?”

– Restaurant owner, San Francisco, CA

“The packaging is great, it has everything I need in there.”

– Bar owner, San Francisco, CA


"[The setup was] Straightforward, easy overall. Especially compared to the Ubiquiti stuff, this is definitely a lot more plug-and-play."

– Local IT consultant, Milwaukee, WI


Here's what we're working on:

  1. Firmware upgrades and bugs
  2. Web portal so you can manage your account and subscriptions
  3. Channels for getting support (like this community!)


As always, thank you to our Meraki Go community and Meraki Go team for working together to make a better product.


Go, team!

New here
I would love to be included in the BETA with this new device rollout... Please let me know if there is an incentive for NFR or get a free AP for attending a webinar type learning education... Ty Carter Strategic Network Consultants Inc.
A model citizen

Any betas coming up?