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The Meraki All-Stars are knowledgeable experts and leaders who go above and beyond to help others in the Meraki Community. Read on for program details, qualifications, and how to join. Ready? Let's go.


What makes an All-Star?




Meraki All-Stars have a deep understanding of Meraki products and readily share their expertise with others by making recommendations, answering questions, and documenting solutions.



Meraki All-Stars are leaders in the community who consistently demonstrate excellence in their interactions and step up to volunteer their time for the betterment of each other, our members, and Meraki as a whole.



Meraki All-Stars are not only generous in giving their time to assist others in the Meraki Community, but they are friendly and welcoming as well. All Stars help maintain a positive environment that is inclusive to all.


How do I become an All-Star?


Your All-Star status is determined based on a variety of factors including your activity in the Meraki Community. Here are a few of the criteria that the Community team considers:


  • Must be a Meraki customer or partner
  • Must be a member of the Meraki Community
  • Biannual involvement in the Meraki Community:
    • Your All-Star score is calculated based on the frequency and helpfulness of your participation during the past six months.

If you’re interested in becoming an All-Star, the best way to do so is to become a member of the Meraki Community and start contributing. Here are just a few examples to get you started:


  • Ask and answer questions in the Technical Forums
  • Participate in monthly contests and challenges
  • Share your feedback or ideas with Meraki 
  • Participate in a beta program and contribute actively in the beta’s community group
  • Mentor a member of the Meraki Community

Remember: Being an All-Star is not just about what you know, it’s about what you give back to the Community. 


What are the terms of being an All-Star?


  • All-Stars are selected on a biannual basis and must requalify annually each December.
  • All-Stars must adhere to the Community Guidelines and any NDA/confidentiality clauses in their Meraki signed contract 
The Community team reserves the right to remove you from the All-Stars program at any time if needed (though we don’t anticipate that happening!).

What perks do All-Stars get?


Being a Meraki All-Star comes with its own rewards and benefits, outside of the satisfaction you get from helping others and becoming a respected leader in the community. Here are just a few of the perks you get when you join the ranks of the All-Stars:

  • Shiny new All-Star badge
  • All-Star icon to the right of your name, so your peers can see you got cred
  • Admission to the private All-Stars Lounge (there are couches in there!)
  • Exclusive access to the Meraki Community team and other Meraki insiders
  • Random acts of delight and other rewards 

Meet the All-Stars!


Check out the All-Stars Hall of Fame to see past and current members


Ready to begin? Join the Community and work on your All-Star status.


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