only allowing one SSID through a specific AP.

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only allowing one SSID through a specific AP.

As the subject states: I'm trying to only allow a single SSID broadcast through a specific AP.

I tried only allowing VLAN traffic for that SSID's VLAN but I had to allow the trunk VLAN as well on the port.

That resulted in the SSID's I don't want being broadcast as well but unable to get DHCP.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal


There need to be a dhcp server in your vlan or forwarder to a server for your vlan.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This can be achieved by going to Wireless > Configure > SSID Availability.


There you can pick the SSID you wish and scope it to all, multiple or a single access point. 

@BlakeRichardson  is on the money.  Put a tag on the AP, and use SSID availability to make it only available to APs with that tag. 

Awesome, got that fixed so that the SSID is only applied to a specific tag.

Next problem is that this specific AP with this tag is showing the SSID I want, but its also showing all the SSID's I don't want to be broadcast on that AP.

Do I have to tag the other SSID's and assign that tag to every AP except the ONE ap I don't want it broadcast on? Seems kind of silly but I'll do it if that's the only way...

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This is basically what we ended up doing. We have a handful of SSID's, and each one is tied to a tag. The tags are assigned/unassigned depending on the site needs.


It's extra steps for sure, but after the initial setup it's proven to be beyond useful.

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