devices disconnected: previous authentication expired

Getting noticed

devices disconnected: previous authentication expired

I am doing lots of investigation into our warehouse right now and we have found each week this seems to be happening to 


the SSID is advertised on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz as some devices are 2.4Ghz only as they are more legacy based

all devices with the error look to be on 2.4Ghz - checking this by their connected channel (1,6,11)


Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 16.10.31.png


from what I read this can happen when the profile is incorrect - but these devices have not changed/SSID does not change - its warehouse production so no fingers allowed


the issue is when this happens the clients are not roaming to the next AP they are trying to associate again but this I s not working


yesterday I had to reboot the AP for authentication to come back

today by the time I reached the area (3mins fast pace) it was associating again


any ideas? - I can say move all devices to 5ghz but I don't know if this error relates to authentication how frequency of the device is playing a part




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I have seen this issue before with the Marvell WiFi chipset.


If they go briefly out of coverage and then come back in again they attempt to re-use their last pair-wise key.  The WIFi network tells them it is no longer valid and to re-authenticate.  They don't, keep trying, and fail.


Typically a device with the chipset looks like it is connected to the WiFi, but fails to pass any traffic (because the pair-wise key does not match).



This is a really common issue with Microsoft Surpface Pro 3 and 4s (which use the same chipset).

thank you for the answer


it makes sense that they are saying with the pair-wise but would this effect all devices at the same time?

the wifi connected but no traffic is good as well as it would make sense when the wireless looked 100% but there is a potential traffic is not passing


when it comes to devices I have 3 different devices (make and model) that were all effected with this event so the chipset part seems weird 

or do you mean the chipset in the Meraki AP? in this case the AP was an MR42 - but I guess all chipsets are pretty much the same across the Meraki product range?





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