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device individual use

Hi, i have got a device Mr33-hw, what is the cheapest solution, licensing method for individual use, for home network?

I am very satesfied of the product, never met this quality and wireless ap speed before. Finally wireless network can be reached on all points of the flat.
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Kind of a big deal

Just get yourself a wireless license for one AP, they're not badly priced. The longer the duration of the license you purchase the cheaper the per year price. The license part will be LIC-ENT-xYR (where x is the duration in years).

I don't know where you are located, but in AU its about AUD290 for a license, and in the UK about GBP150, both for 3 years - and that's without trying to find a cheaper price or haggle.


That also covers you for support through Meraki if you have any problems and replacement of the AP in line with their standard warranty terms.

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If you have a Meraki account manager, you can reach out to them to inquire about a non-production license. The MSP I used to work for offered them and it was substantially cheaper than a regular production license.


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