Windows 10 PC saying Registration complete - device unable to check in

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Windows 10 PC saying Registration complete - device unable to check in

Hi All,

I have a new PC and trying to add this to the dashboard, I have ran through the standard process when a new device is connected and downloads and installs the Agent, this completes and does not show an error, but does not check in, I see Registration complete, but just keeps showing the "waiting for your device to check in", I have uninstalled the agent, and downloaded the agent directly from the dashboard directly, and get the same results.


Any one got any other suggestions?



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Kind of a big deal

Try to restart the PC, remove agent, then re-enroll. See if it helps.

Kind of a big deal

To confirm that the agent is running on Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, view the Meraki agent's log file by opening m_agent_service in this directory:


If you see logging information generated for today's date, your Meraki agent is currently running! 





For extra Windows agent running confirmation you can also find the m_agent_service running with the Task Manager:



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