Wifi Won't Stay Connected

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Wifi Won't Stay Connected

Hello Crew - anyone else seeing weird problems with WiFi today? Our clients won't stay connected, The connection establishes, everything is good, then the connection drops with a message stating that either an IP address could not be obtained or couldn't authenticate connection.


We haven't touched the config. Everything was running along just fine until this started.


I have rebooted select access points to troubleshoot the issue, but no joy.


The APs are acting like they did when the Google geolocation issue was happening a few weeks ago.


Is this just us, or part of something larger?






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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I haven't had anyone report issues.


Is the DHCP server still giving out IP addresses?  The scope isn't full?

I figured it out. The problem was self-inflicted, like so many are. I have three MR30 APs set-up as wireless bridges for another network on the table next to my desk. My phone/laptop were both trying to associate to the bridges instead of the MR74 on the ceiling, which is connected to the production network. 


I just completely forgot that the MR30s were sitting there powered-on but without a usable connection to a DHCP server. When I got up from my desk to go get some coffee, I saw them sitting there and what was happening smacked me in the face.


Working in IT provides a person with plenty of opportunities to make an arse out of yourself.  🤐


False alarm.





Getting noticed

I'm not seeing any issues here, but my WiFi setup for clients is pretty simple. I've only got one AP that sees regular use, and I'm just using WPA2 with a Pre-shared key.  But there are 8 clients connected now that have been associated for anywhere from 10 hours to 1 week and no issues have been reported.




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