Users getting gateways IP as

Getting noticed

Users getting gateways IP as

Hi All,


Facing issue in the Meraki wireless deployment  I have created 2 SSIDs one for CORP and one for guest and using different VLAN.


If i can my laptop to meraki AP an getting the IP of the VLAn mapped to SSID but in gateway im getting the IP address of MEraki AP exam


SSID Guest 

Vlan 10 subnet


Ip address im getting on Laptop.


Not sure whats happening 😞 


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Under Addressing & VLANS if you scroll down to LAN Config what is the IP address of your MX?



Have you got any L3 interfaces setup?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Greetings @Naresh_Bhardwaj !


Quick question... 

Within your Wireless -> Access Control Settings under that particular SSID and under "Addressing and Traffic" do you happen to be using "NAT Mode"?



If so, Meraki's cloud handles the DHCP of the client. This is done in order to isolate/segment guest traffic from all of your other infrastructure. For more information check out our handly dandy doc: 





Its on   Bridge mode



Nice! Thanks for that @Naresh_Bhardwaj !


I would echo what @BlakeRichardson mentioned. If you're using the MX for DHCP, double check your Security & SD-WAN -> Addressing and VLANs page and make sure your subnet VLAN "MX IP" is configured correctly. Because based on that configuration, the client would be getting the IP address directly from the LAN the AP is plugged in to.

Another Question:

Does the Meraki Dashboard report the correct/expected IP address of the client device at Network-Wide -> Clients?


If the dashboard is correct, then I would guess there could be a VPN or proxy setup on the local machine. So while you're getting a local IP, there could be an agent on the machine that is forcing the traffic elsewhere.


As always, with ALL Meraki products that you own and are licensed for... Ping Meraki Support too! They can jump into your dashboard and validate your findings and give you real-time feedback to help you work your way through it!


You can go to Help -> Get Help on your dashboard or view some contact info here:!


Hope that helps!



I will check and udpate

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You will have "Allow clients to access the LAN" set to Deny in the Wireless - Firewall & Traffic Shaping section for that SSID.

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