Uplink IP address in conflict with another device

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Uplink IP address in conflict with another device

I've recently deployed MR46's and MS390's into a greenfield site. The MR46's trunk into the MS390's, which have uplinks back to a C9500 core. The MS390's are 2 per closet, with the same statically assigned IP. The MR46's are all assigned static IP's after their initial DHCP pull from our MGMT VLAN. I'm getting all green status on my switches, but for some reason, every one of my AP's is alerting


" Uplink IP address in conflict with another device "


I can't see how this is possible, unless Meraki is yelling at the MS390 stacks for sharing an IP. But neither our deployment vendor or Meraki Support seemed to think this was the issue.


Wifi is functional, but reboot's won't kick this alert.  Have any of you seen this issue?


I'm dreading the request to factory default these units.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Why not have all the APs on DHCP, I find Meraki works much better that way.  I've even got used to having the switches on DHCP, much to the consternation of our support partner.  Remember, you aren't talking to them, you talk to the cloud and they do to.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@cmr 🤣😂

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Comes here often

We are having this problem and all the APs are set to dhcp.  I am just starting this deployment and have 4 of 38 sites done.  I have seen this at 3 sites.  All sites have a management vlan for access points with a dhcp scope for that vlan.  

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