Splash page does not pop up on IOS (Apple) devices automatically

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Splash page does not pop up on IOS (Apple) devices automatically

Hello everyone 


I configured my guest Wi-Fi use Meraki Splash page , however, when Apple device connected , the splash page does not pop up automatically , It works on Android and Windows .

anyone has same problem and get it works ?

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I've had this issue for awhile, if you go to Settings, Wifi you will get a refreshing symbol and then the splash will come up sometimes I used to have to shut off/on wifi but I haven't had to do that in awhile.  It happens on Androids as well but far less often.


I have seen the same as TheoG: open the wifi settings and it will pop up. Alternatively, you can try browsing to a http web page and it should redirect you.

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Here the splash page comes up when you choose an web page you didn´t used before.

We think previous used web pages are in the browser cache and lead to not upcoming splash page.

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when you first connect to guest Wi-Fi , If it is Android or Windows PC, The splash page pop up automatically without go to any website, but Apple device doesn't . I expect splash page can work same on Apple device 

Actually, apple devices try to reach out to captive.apple.com once you connect to a WiFi network, which automatically creates a HTTP GET request and therefore your splash page should kick-in. If this doesn't happen, it might be due to several reasons such as a firewall blocking access to that page or similar. I suggest you take a pcap and check what's happening when you client associates to a SSID.
Sameh Sackla - Cisco Meraki
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