Source IP and or VLAN mismatch - Guest network - Bonjoure

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Source IP and or VLAN mismatch - Guest network - Bonjoure


We have a problem with disconnecting of Wi-Fi on the guest network.
The error seems to have to do with DHCP and Bonjour.


Bonjour feature:
A printer connected to LAN interface belong to VLAN 50 with a static IP.
Guest on the bridged network want to print from the customers guest network.


Involved VLAN and configuration

  • 10 Wi-Fi “xxxx Public”,

     Wireless – Configuration - SSIDS
     Bridge mode, VLAN tagging. ID 10.
     Bonjoure forwarding = Service VLAN 50 Services Printers
     DHCP: Lease time 1 day.


  • 50 Printer-Bonjour DHCP do not respond to DHCP request.


When I check appliance event logs, I can see a lot “Source IP and or VLAN mismatch”.
Almost all the alarms involve clients connected to the Guest Wi-Fi VLAN 10.
The timing is every 30 minutes on different clients.

The user has already a IP address from Guest network

Connection is loost and the alarm shows below.


The alarm shows “source client assigned vlan: 50”
Last illegal ip mapped vlan id: 10


Configuration of Bonjoure on Security & SD-WAN -> Configure -> Firewall ->Bonjoure forwarding

  • Service VLAN: Print-Bonjour
  • Client VLANs: VLAN10
  • Service: Printers

The printer connected to switch port belonging to VLAN 50 and a static IP from the same network.
I turned off DHCP on VLAN 50 before to see if the problem could have anything to do with it.

No luck.

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Here to help

Hi @Banfield75 

Do you have a full-stack solution (ap-switch-firewall all meraki)?


Yes....MX 84 & MS210 & MR33

Hi @Banfield75 

Where is intervlan routing, in the switch or firewall?

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