Public SSID Options on Meraki Wireless

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Public SSID Options on Meraki Wireless

I have a customer who is currently using an Aironet wireless solution.  Each WAP carries two SSIDs, a public and a private.  We push the public over a vlan that's tied to an DMZ interface on their firewall to separate it from the private/Internal network.


I'm suggesting they switch to Meraki for their wireless and want to make sure I understand how I will segregate those public and private SSIDs.  Can the Merakis do the same thing where the WAP connects to the switch infrastructure via a trunk link that carries separate vlans for public and private?


Or, with Meraki wireless is there a better way of doing this?





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If you make 2 SSID's you can make one: Bridge mode: Make clients part of the LAN. You can use a trunk port for carrying your VLANs and then you can make the "Public" part use Meraki DHCP where no clients can communicate.

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I particularly like the solution of using Meraki DHCP as that is what I do here.  Its easy and offers plentiful addresses and easy way of throttling the clients if necessary.

Funny how often I feel the desire to throttle clients . . .

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Hi Ben

This is very much possible with Meraki.

However you may also consider the approach suggested by @kYutobi.

Kind of a big deal
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There are two ways you can do with Meraki


1. 2 SSID with 2 Vlan (1 Vlan for Public, 1 Vlan for Private). 


2. Meraki also have Nat mode for SSID, If you use Nat mode the client traffic only go to the gateway and can't connect back to local.

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