Point-to-Multipoint Setup issues

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Point-to-Multipoint Setup issues

Currently in the process for trying to setup a point to multipoint bridge. 


I'm using a single MR86 with a single MR-ANT-25 dual-band directional antenna on 5Ghz for the LAN link 




two MR76s with the same MR-ANT-25 antenna on each non connected building. 


I have a SSID (named Bridge) setup in bridge mode and tagged to only these three specific APs. 


Have a RF profile setup for 5Ghz only and radio settings of:

Channel width: Auto

Channels used by AutoChannel: 144 only (Manually set). 

dBm: 10-21

Min Bitrate: 36-54.


The issue I'm having is the APs are refusing to connect to each other and instead are connecting to other APs in the area. The other APs in the environment are configured to not even be broadcasting Channel 144 for 5Ghz. 


Has anyone successfully been able to do a point to multipoint link with the MR series APs?


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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

What do you mean by "Point to Multipoints"? 

Do you mean mesh?

the three APs must be in the same "network" from the Meraki dashboard org so they can mesh themselves.

What do you mean by "Point to Multipoints"? 

I'm connecting two MR76s to a single MR86. 


Do you mean mesh?

I guess in Meraki term, yes. The issue I'm running into is that I need these three APs to ONLY connect to each other. More specifically, I need the MR76s to ONLY connect to the MR86. There are other APs in the area that the 76s are connecting too. 

In terms of MR mesh deployment, here is the KB link.



It may serve your point-to-multipoints needs as the following.



Hey Jim,


Thanks for linking those KBs. Unfortunately I've already gone through those and they don't provide a solution for my issue. 


As an update:


I've gotten the two MR76s to hook up to the MR86 by forcing the RF channel to a specific channel only avaliable to those three devices. 


it seems that the APs drop the connect for a couple seconds every minute trying to search for a gateway. 

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